When it comes to renting luxury yachts and zodiac casinos, there is a fantastic array of different impressive liners to choose from. All of the luxury yachts that can be chartered have unique qualities and showcases about them, and depending on your personal preferences for style, luxury yachts can accommodate anyone with a love for the boating high life, and gambling.

The Mangusta80

First up on the list of best luxury yachts to rent is the Mangusta 80. At a price of $58,100 per week, this super yacht is known as the Ferrari of Yachts and cruises along the shores of Europe and the United States at 50 mph, compared to the average of 15 mph. This luxury yacht can sleep six guests in its three spacious cabins, each of which includes a plasma TV and surround sound, and on the yacht is a salon that adjoins a deck with a super stocked bar and dining area.

Apogee Luxury Yacht

No list of top luxury liners to rent would be complete without mentioning the Apogee. This incredible vessel is 205 feet long, has seven cabins and five levels with gorgeous, classy mahogany trim. There is a fabulous Titanic inspired staircase that links the decks, and at the top is a sky lounge. This luxury yacht rental has a Jacuzzi on the deck, a Wurlitzer jukebox, a karaoke system and a backlit, onyx topped bar for all the entertainment that you can handle. You can usually find the Apogee sailing the waters of the Bahamas.

The Beautiful Utopia

Next up for rent we have the beautiful Utopia. This floating breath taker runs at a rental fee of $603,000 per week, and can be found sailing on the glittering Aegean around the Greek Islands. With an enormous deck and a heliport at the top, guests will be amazed at all that this luxury yacht has to offer. A lounge, bar, workout gym, and six gorgeous bedrooms are featured on this luxury yacht. The master bedroom has its own Jacuzzi and its own outdoor deck. A crew of 16 makes sure that guests have everything that they require, and a private chef for the luxury yacht makes sure that guests are fed with exquisite culinary masterpieces.

The Sea Dream

Rounding out the list of top luxury yachts to charter is the Sea Dream. This luxury yacht will run you about $700,000 a week, and the 344 foot incredible liner has oversized suites, a piano bar, a casino, boutique, laptops for use and fully loaded iPods. The spa alone is worth the price tag, which is complete with three showers, two treatment rooms, and a sauna. The decadence of this luxury yacht is unsurpassed on the seas.